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A recent replay of ME2 provided me with some inspiration, and screencaps. This includes some icons that were in a previous post that I was too lazy to bother promoting, so they've been added in.

1-8 Assassin's Creed Series
9-26 Mass Effect 2
27-28 The Witcher 2
29-30 Dragon Age 2
+ 9 variations

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am i dead?
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Oh yes, first order of business: Wednesday was the 5th year anniversary of weapon_icons and I completely forgot about it as usual. I'm surprised I've kept up with this for that long, tbh. Anyway, thanks for the all the watchers/members over the years!

These were made with my brand new PS CS5, so they're probably gonna look much different from my usual fare.

1-22 Sherlock
23-32 True Blood
33-38 White Collar
39-43 Being Human
44-49 Vidya Games (Borderlands, The Witcher, Portal 2)

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