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River tutorial

Made in Photoshop CS2.
Going from to

Includes a bit of selective colouring, but I think the effects could probably be replicated easily.

Several things. No, I'm not going to post the PSDs from these. I don't want to see carbon copies of this colouring running around, God knows that's all it'd be used for. I don't give out the exact settings of the Curves or the Selective Colouring, because every image is different, and you need to find the settings that look best with the image you use. Learning how to use the program yourself not how somebody else does it is a GOOD THING! K done ranting.

I take this screencap (my own) and crop it like this. (I think I used Auto Levels as well)

Next, I duplicate the base 3 times, and set the first 2 to Screen, first one 100%, second 59% and the third layer to Soft Light 100%.

A new Curves Adjustment Layer where I only went into the Blue channel and took out some of the blue tones to add to the sunny, yellow look.

Another Curves Adjustment Layer, this time only raising the Red channel a tiny bit and in the Green channel, bringing out the green colour and at the same time adding a bit of red by making a slight "s" with 2 points.

Now, a Selective Colour Adjustment Layer where I make the Red channel more yellow, and take out it's cyan, and in the Yellow channel take out a bit more cyan and lower the yellow a bit. Basically just add something that would up the saturation would work if you're not using PS, that's all I'm doing.

Next, a Brightness/Contrast layer where I raise the contrast by +8.

Looks pretty good now doesn't it? Well, I like adding to the light sources and this is a good icon to do it with the bright sort of colour it has.

Make a new layer set to Soft Light 100% and fill it with a black and white gradient that highlights where ever the light in your image comes from. Mine would be coming from the top left-hand corner, so I use a gradient like this.

It wasn't bright enough for me, so next I make another layer also set to Soft Light 100% and in the same corner use a soft brush (I used 65 px in white I think) to highlight it a bit more.


Again, if anybody who requested icons hasn't picked theirs up yet, they're HERE.
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